Satellite Technology: Internet Everywhere!

Continuously growing demand for broadband is indisputable. Total global bandwidth consumption is doubling every two to three years. Satellite companies purpose-built, high-capacity satellite systems are designed to grow with that demand, providing more bandwidth capacity and throughput with higher internet service speeds, quality and reliability.

Satellite Internet For Remote Business

  • Aviation: Be connected, no more where you are has become expected and in-flight is no exception.
  • M2M: Real-Time position tracking, managing remote assets and operations into critical areas.
  • Healthcare: While enroute, helicopter and ground ambulances can send patient details over satellite channel, securely transmitting information to hospital IT systems, applications and databases.
  • SCADA: Low profile plug and play devices offer utility operators and customers monitoring and command-and-control messages through a secure network infrastucture.
  • Fleet Management: Provide runtime telematics for a vehicle, locomotive, or electric motor powering a drilling site to a monitoring center or manufacturer.
  • Maritime Internet: Whether you're enjoying a leisurely cruise, need to manage a commercial business, or support offshore oil and gas exploration, Satellite Systems services offers affordable and flexible subscription plans.
  • Oil and Mining: Our M2M services provide remote asset management and operations to reduce costs and manpower while increasing reliability and efficiency of remote pipeline monitoring.  
  • Remote IP Phones: Jitter is the satellite Internet latency that fluctuates significantly over a relatively short period of time. It makes normal conversation difficult and is caused by packets backing up in the system. Utah Telecom Satellite Providers employs TDMA methods that ensure packets are evenly placed in time slots across a frame. In addition, we use static and dynamic Jitter Buffer techniques giving you a virtually jitter-free experience on a VoIP call.

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